Creativity Hub Presentations
Join us for key industry presentations from the MacPherson’s team focusing on industry updates, social media tips & the latest trends.
In-depth Exploration of Graffiti and Street Art: Understanding Consumer Categories and Buying Patterns
Explore the world of urban artists and retail strategies to attract and retain their business. Delve into the unique consumer types, current trends and the urban artists shopping patterns. MacPherson's Montana Cans Brand Manager Tucker Russell will share insights, experiences, and best practices for creating strategy to reach, engage and retain the urban art consumer in today's current competitive market.
Place Your Bet on Canvas! Rethinking Your Canvas Strategy
Keary Kubista and Ashley Lee are teaming up to share insights that will enable you to better understand the artist canvas nuances, allowing you to compete more effectively and attract new customers. This includes refocusing, rethinking and reinventing your canvas program.
Introduction to Creativity Hub 2024
Join us for a welcome and creativity industry keynote presentation hosted by MacPherson’s CEO & President Dave Schofield.